Deha Vasana Dance Theatre is a multicultural contemporary dance company based in Montreal, Quebec. The company, founded by artistic director, Alida Esmail, focuses primarily on political and social issues dedicated to promoting awareness and providing a healthy environment for critical analysis.

The name of the company was inspired by the Sanskrit ideology that we each have vasanas that are residual impressions in our mind resulting from our daily actions. Three different types of vasanas exist: Loka Vasana, Sastra Vasana and Deha Vasana. Deha Vasana is our attachment to the body, the aspiration for physical strength and health; it encompasses the passion for sensual pleasures and personal expressions through sensational experiences. We have a strong body-mind connection as humans and proper maintenance and balance is necessary.

These influential ideals, first introduced in Eastern philosophy, show how vital our body is to our human development. Deha Vasana Dance Theatre is a company dedicated to reintegrating the East into the West and focusing on expression primarily through movement. It creates a balance within the mind and body in order to allow for a wholesome awareness internally and externally.